Thursday, October 27, 2005

Spam of the day

Todays post is inspired by some of the funniest spam I have ever received. Check this out:

Topic: "If you think your penis looks like a sponge,"
Body excerpts:
"With our Viagra Soft Tabs you can crack nuts with your penis."
"With our new Viagra Soft Tabs you will be able to open a bottle of beer with your penis."

Topic: "If you think your penis is good only for visiting the bathroom, Maxaman guarantees that you can use it for more pleasant purposes."
Body excerpts:
"You st1l] want your ne1ghbor’s wife but you think y0u are t0o old for this. Maxaman will make you think the opposite."
"You think you are not powerful enough to screw an expensive experienced hore. Maxaman will make HER pay for sex with you."

Topic: "With our Super Viagra you can use your penis as a drill."
Body excerpts:
"Fortunately, you just cured prost@te cancer and now you are having troubles with your erections."

Topic: "Are you tired of staring at Playboy trying to cause erection?"
Body excerpts:
"With our Generik Viagra you can screw a horse."

Who writes this crap?

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Confessions of a dangerous mind

UPDATED with points 15 through 22

Since posts containing unknown tid-bits about oneself seems to be all the rage, I decided that I would compile one as well. Sans the tagging, since that's just lame.

1) I have zero respect for the law, and rules in general. I'll as soon break a law as look at it. What I do have a healthy respect for is my own personal code, which I do largely stick to.
2) I don't regret anything I have ever done. I haven't always done good or right things, and things might have turned out better had I not done some things, but all in all I am happy where I am, and so there is nothing I wish I hadn't done. Life is a learning experience, nothing is truly wasted.
3) I too have occasional irrational fear of the dark outbreaks. My biggest weapon against it is rationalization, and I have become better at that through the years, so it has become less of a scary thing.
4) I earned the nickname of 'Glue' from my first girlfriend's friends, since I hung around her so goddamn much. We were at the same school. And yes, this was at Westerford, so high school at that.
5) I once got back together with an ex girlfriend purely because she was hot. We were together for a couple of months more, and then it ended, for good this time. It later turned out that her reasons for getting back together were much the same.
6) I once read James and the Giant Peach out loud to my middle brother, in one sitting. We must have been about 10 & 9 at the time.
7) My brother and I used to fill the bathroom basin with water and then take out the ink-soaked sponge center of koki pens and throw them in one at a time, to see the water change colours.
8) I once won a cake at after-school care, a big yellow bus cake. We put it on the kitchen table, went to put my bag in my room, and when we came back it was on the floor with Sebastian, our labrador, wolfing up great big mouthfuls of it.
9) I once picked up a chick in church. During a sermon. This is the same girl as point 4 (but not point 5).
10) The first time I ever kissed a girl was in a cellar. And this was long before either 4 or 5.
11) In junior school, I used to always get cheese and chutney sandwiches. I would eat these by taking them apart, licking the chutney off the cheese, eating the bread, and then eating the cheese.
12) I'm pretty universally nice to people to their faces. This is not always true when they are not around. I don't see this as being two-faced, I see this as being pleasant to people, even when I don't like them. Also, were they to ever ask me outright if I liked them, I wouldn't lie. Probably.
13) I have cybered once or twice. It was fun.
14) Montezuma's Revenge on a friend's PC was what first introduced me to computers.

That's all I can think of for now.

15) Sebastian, from 8) fame, used to jump over our 6ft fence and go wandering. We eventually caught him doing it. He would jump up, manage to hook his front legs over the top of the fence (no mean feat in and of itself), and than haul himself over. He was not a small dog, it was an impressive sight.
16) I once decided to go on a trip on my BMX, without telling my mom. I took Sebastian and we went off. My mom caught up with me as I was cycling over Landsdowne bridge (heading towards the wrong side of the tracks, for those unfamiliar with Cape Town). She spanked me with a belt for that. I never did it again.
17) My (female) cousin and I once showed each other our private parts, in a back room at my grandparents' house. I think we were about 5 at the time.
18) I have absolutely zero memory of my biological father.
19) I used to beat my brother up a lot. I once swung a cricket bat at him, overhanded, but fortunately for him (and me) it connected with the door frame above me. I also once threw a tennis ball at him, and he ducked and I broke a window.
20) A guy at junior school once took my moonbag, hid it and wouldn't tell me where it was. I took the blade off my pencil sharpener and slashed his palm (not badly) with it.
21) To this day, I can still not ollie properly. And not because of lack of trying.
22) My mom used to mash cauliflower in with my brother's mashed potatoes. He used to laugh at me because he was getting so much more mash than I was. I just smiled and carried on eating. It was a good feeling, the very definition of smug.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Jacques Coustroll

Thursday night's roleplaying was more arse than class. The group as a whole were fairly upset with Henri, not because he managed to blow up the most important item of the quest and started a war between us and the devils, no, although I could imagine someone would feel justified being upset about that. We were upset because he failed to listen to the advice of the magic users and thus caused this whole disaster. His magic item priveledges have been revoked until further notice. And now we prepare for battle, and I decide if I even want to be involved in this one. Mary, I fear, will outright refuse to get involved, cutting our numbers down to 5 vs however fucking many. Or 4, if I bail too. This not getting involved would, of course, rely on me being sure that they wouldn't attack the camp after wiping out the remaining 4. Oh, the burden of responsibilities.

Friday I was feeling quite ill all day, and went straight home and to bed. I ended up waking up multiple times during the night in pain, not so much fun. Saturday was similarly a write-off, although I did manage to rouse myself to watch MTV for a short while. What a waste. By the evening I was feeling mostly better, although still not hungry at all, so I played WoW while Julie entertained her dinner guests.

Candice and I finished watching X on Sunday. It ended in a completely different style to what I was expecting, and how I remember the movie. I enjoyed the series, but I found the end to be a little... anticlimactic.

Al decided to have a little braai-up that evening, so Candice hung around and we got some ribs and rolls and sundry paraphernalia. Thankfully my tummy was all cheered up by this point, if a little shrunken from the extended lack of sustenance, so I was able to pretty much fully enjoy myself.

Tekken was the order of the evening thereafter, despite Al gunning for Soul Calibur. Candice has never played SC, so, poor form I felt. Candice agreed ;) I'm having fun playing Combot, and I'm getting a lot better at identifying characters, not from their starting poses, which I don't know well at all, but from a few seconds of playing. Combot works very stupidly in Tekken4 tho, since it's the same character for all the rounds of the combat, and in the mirror match it is just that - both Combots select the same character. How retarded =/ I preferred Mokujin, where it was someone different each round, and there were no mirror matches. Candice is getting pretty good with Julia, and can pick you out of the air with alarming regularity. Even more alarmingly, she ducks a large percentage of high attacks and then punches you in the balls. How unladylike!

In WoW news, we last left our intrepid Troll explorer in Northshire Abbey, deep within the enemy stronghold! Eventually I just decided to head west, then swim north until I hit the undercity, where I knew friendly graveyards would abound. It is the undead homeland, after all. I jammed a pencil in my keyboard and read Appleseed while my disembodied self ran and swam its way to safety. I managed to gain an entire level just discovering new lands, having exploded in Stormwind shortly after lvl5, and finally dragging my broken self into the graveyard at Brill by lvl6. I ran around Brill and the Undercity for a while, spending all my silver on apparently useless poison skills before deciding to hearthstone back to my home continent.

When I did arrive back, I discovered that it was not in fact Bounty Bay where I had found the portal that fateful night, but in fact Ratchet, which is a neutral town on the Horde continent. Why does a neutral town so close to the horde starting point contain such a dangerous and potentially game-shattering artefact? The same reason there are lvlFUCK glassweb spiders a short skip and jump from the graveyard in said Valley of Trials, I suppose.

From Ratchet, you are still far from safety. I attempted to Sneak my way across The Barrens, which worked for a short while. It seems that Sneak doesn't make you invisible, like the graphical representation implies, it merely shortens the range at which aggro mobs will gank you. Sadly, The Barrens is chock full of gankers, and once one spotted me, he called all his buddies over, so I rolled into the Valley once again in a see-through state.

Once I was back on familiar territory, things progressed much more smoothly. Al joined somewhere around here, by teleporting his DM-enabled account over (easier than swimming, but much much softer). We battled around for ages, completing quests along the way. Some fairly hardcore, I feel. Eventually we both teleported to Mulgore, where I have been mopping up some of the low level Tauren quests, and Al has been practising skinning. With little luck, I think =)

No roleplaying tonight since Alex is sick, sad =( It does leave room for more WoW tho ;)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Misadventures of Shitman

I started my Troll rogue on WoW last night. It was a very... interesting... experience. Let me explain.

A Troll rogue, to start off with, is not the hardiest of characters, and it seems that the Barrens (and in general the area around the Valley of Trials) is particularly harsh. Far harsher than the Night Elf or Human areas, that's for certain. So I'm having a fair amount of trouble anyway, and then from nowhere this aggro Vile Minion comes bounding over and fireballs me. He's only lvl3, and I'm lvl3, so I'm all what the hey, it should be okay. Right? Wrong. He soundly beats me, and sends me packing. I was a bit damaged going into that last fight (aggro creeps are such a pain), so I decide to try it again. Nope, no luck. So I wander off to do something else for a bit.

Wandering off to the next town (I either rape or get raped by everything in this area) proves not to be any use, since everything around there would be (and is once, thanks again to aggro) a total beating. Even the quests show up in various shades of red or orange! So I head back to the Valley to grind for a while. I eventually grind up to a point where I can take down one Vile Minion, and am having fun doing so. That is, of course, until I manage to trigger a second one while fighting the first. Gang rape time! Of course, they are not content with this, and bring 2 spiders with them as well. One is only (only! Ha!) lvl8, and looks a bit like a black widow. The other is a fair amount bigger (bigger, say, than my fucking character) and is showing up as lvlFUCK (skull and crossbones for the uninitiated). Needless to say, I was not long for that particular world, and was almost instantly sent back to my graveyard. I decided to explore that area as a ghost a bit more, see exactly what I would be up against. It seems the Glass-web spider (the big one) was the worst monster up in those parts, but boy was it a doozy!

So, time to pick a different direction again. I remember a new area that I opened a while back that I should be able to survive by now, and head off in that direction. Sadly, while taking a close look at the sea, I fell in. From a cliff. In my flailings, I managed to attract the sweet ministrations of a giant blue lobster thing. Let's just say that lobster was not the special of the day in that particular restaurant. Surprisingly, my ghost never appeared this time, I was just left there as a crumpled heap (that gives you some idea of how bad it was... even my ghost was too scared to show up), so I had to log off and back on to respawn. This had surprising ramifications...

When I logged back on, I found myself inexplicable tranported to Booty Bay, an area that turns out to be on the southernmost tip of Lordaeron. Which is the Alliance continent. Thankfully for me, it is full of neutral creeps, and they were even quite happy giving me quests and whatnot. Down at the docks, however, I found what would prove to be my undoing: a portal to Stormwind.

To understand my next actions, you must understand that I had not yet fully realised that I was on another continent entirely, the enemy continent, and that Stormwind was the capital city of said enemy continent. I thought only that this portal thing was something that I had never come across before, and gosh darn it I was going to give it a bash! So in a hopped.

I would say the other side was carnage, but it was not. The interaction between myself and the inhabitants on the far side was of such a short duration that I was not even a witness to it myself. By the time my client decided to display events, I was already an ethereal entity standing over my mangled remains. The mounted hero in front of me was still standing at his rest position, as if he had never even moved. It appeared as if his disapproving gaze falling on me with the full brunt of his fury had proven sufficient to strike me down where I stood.

I wandered about aimlessly for a little while in the city, half-heartedly looking for a graveyard. I decided that any potential burial grounds would be havily guarded by more mounted ass-rapers with fancy decorations around their level indicators (which would invariably be the much-dreaded Jolly Roger), so I moved out looking for adventure (and whatever came my way). The terrain looked vaguely familiar, and I finally recognised it as being near to the Human starting point when I wandered into a town called Goldshire. Fond memories of being gang-banged by wolves came flooding unbidden into my Trollish brain from nowhere, and I instinctively turned towards the graveyard, hoping that in such a low-level area, only low-level guardians would reside, giving me a chance to resurrect and run for long enough to activate my hearth stone for a flashy getaway. While the guardians were, as predicted, fairly low level, I was not counting on the 75% reduction to stats, damage and, more importantly, armour, that a resurrection without your body curses you with. Let's just say that I decided to call it a night there after a few attempts. At some other point I will try make my ethereal way back to a neutral graveyard, but that is a misadventure for another day.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Taken, yet again

On Monday night I went off to Robyn's for dinner. I hadn't seen her family for ages, and had mostly forgotten how mad they all are. Her mom more in a mom kind of way, but her brother and father are both weird ;) Gareth was playing Battle for Middle Earth, the LotR RTS game, most of the time, and it was very pretty. A bit gimmicky in places, so I am unconvinced, and it also looks like it would eat my machine alive. Dinner was lasagne, and damn tasty at that =) A following of strawberries and ice cream was most welcome too. Robyn and I retired to her room and chatted for ages again. A good evening =)

While we did actually get a modicum of roleplaying done last night, it was severely truncated due to Patrick convincing Yancke to go home and do his varsity project. Which he did. Then we played poker again. I won the first game quite convincingly, and quickly due to our silly time period on the blind increase (15 minutes), so we played another one. This one went extremely long, so eventually when James and I were left, we started doing all-ins again. A silly end, but overall it was fun, and James had already bought back in early on, so I wasn't exactly feeling threatened. I finally crawled into bed close to 2pm. Not the side of the night I wanted to go to bed on, and I'm still feeling rather bombed from the weekend. Tonight I'll be doing some laundry, playing some WoW and going to bed early.

The Kingdom of Loathing had a very funny holiday event yesterday. Monday was Columbus Day in the states, where they celebrate some feat performed by Chris to do with his ships and finding something, I don't know or care exactly. So, on Tuesday KoL had an NPC called 'Cristobal Colon' (colonist presumably), who was handing out free comfy blankets to random people, and even selling some for really cheap. Mysteriously, anyone who came into contact with these blankets started coughing, and even some who didn't. Really hilarious stuff =) The description for the blanket reads as follows, see if you can catch all 4 disease references: "Although it is a bit measly in size (it would fit in quite a small box), it will be no less influential in keeping you warm at night. Have you spoken to your mother lately? You should call her, eh?"

Monday, October 10, 2005

Not as planned

As the title implies, this weekend didn't go exactly as planned. Observe:

Friday night we went to go watch Sin City at Cavendish. Dinner at Simply Asia was fantastic, they make a really good green curry and Waynne and Al's seafood something looked amazing too. We were going to the late show, so we ran into a ton of people who had just come out, Sed included, who gave us a mixed report and said something about some crap beforehand. That crap beforehand was, as Alex mentioned, the anti baby-rape video. It was long, and crap, and boring, and really didn't do anything to improve the anti-rape message. Anybody who didn't give a fuck before still doesn't give a fuck. Those who were outraged, are still outraged. Well done, all you've done is stolen a whack of my time.

The main attraction was the most insanely true to the source movie I have ever seen, especially based on a comic book. The imagery and lighting exactly paralleled the comics, and I urge anybody who hasn't read them to do so, purely so that you can appreciate just how exact it is. The stories themselves (since there were 4 disparate stories stitched together to create a feature-length picture) were each individually great, but the actual bridging seemed a little sparse with only incidental crossovers. This is presumably since there is little to no connection between said stories in the comics. They chose the most tense and gripping section to end the movie on, and for about the last 20 minutes I was on the edge of my seat and totally tensed up. When it did finally finish, thankfully not as I feared, I felt drained, but in a good way. This was without a doubt the most intense movie experience I have ever had.

So, yeah. I enjoyed it ^_^

Saturday was yet another LAN day, this time with the hacked WoW LAN server. It was a lot of fun, but the continual crashes and error messages got to be really irritating after a while. I enjoy rogues. Candice rocked up a little later (well, Al went to fetch her) so that we could watch Final Fantasy: Advent Children, but alas, bereft as I am of my Composite video cabling, I was powerless to transmit to the TV. Sadly, RCA cabling appears not to have the same effect as Composite, despite both my GFX card supporting RCA out and the TV supporting RCA in. Allegedly. Instead, Candice and I ended up playing Tekken while the rest of the boys carried on with WoW. They hadn't seemed all that interested in FF:AC anyway, and weren't too disappointed by the 'bad' news. We had to split the handicaps 150/100 to get a decent game in, but we did get some cool games =) Candice is quite good at picking me out of the air when I do some flying leap attack, like I do with Hwoarang quite a lot. It was fun =) When she left, I picked up WoW again and played catchup with the rest of them. Not in terms of level, since when my client crashed the server had left me logged in and I had been gaining all of the party XP along the way, but just in terms of quests completed. Some of them were not so easy alone and with crappy equipment =)

On Sunday Candice came back over so that we could finally watch FF:AC, on the PC this time. Good for 2 people, not so much for 5. I used Al's monitor, since he was out at paintball, and wow. My monitor is so super crappily shit. I knew that, of course, but watching something as amazing and detailed as FF:AC on another monitor really drives it home. The movie itself was good, with very stylish fight scenes and very realistic animation, but even having played half the game was not enough to keep up with the storyline, it seems. There were quite a couple of points where I was unsure who people were, or what was going on, but Candice seemed mostly to keep up. There is a shorter animation, a prequel of sorts, that covers the events of the game. I must get hold of that and see if it helps explain things better.

That evening, Al and I played a 1v1 DotA game, each of use picking any hero from the corresponding tavern on each side. I ended up with Lina Inverse (yes, a shameless anime reference) and he got Terrorblade. I was totally expecting him to pick a Str hero, but Ag it was. I ended up PWNTing him horribly, from quite early on. He just needs to pay a bit more attention, and play a tighter game. Oh, and learn item builds =) There are some basics that you go for. For example, don't get the low-level Str item for the Ag hero, get the corresponding Ag item. Oh well, it'll all come together with a bit of practise =)

Oh, and if you haven't taken a look already, Sixminutes, my WoW plague informant, has posted a massive comment on my previous blog post with some more plague information. If you're interested, check it out.

Friday, October 07, 2005

In the news today

Well, there were just so many articles that I though I had to make a whole new blog post around it.

Firstly, the one I emailed to Waynne and Alex since it meshed so nicely with a discussion we were having at roleplaying last night about region-encoded DVDs. PS2 Mod Chips Legal In Australia.

Then, in some viral news, First PSP Trojan Reported, and the coverage of it on 1up.

An erotic MMO targetting female players? You better believe it.

And finally, a streaming audio (sadly) commentary on the recent viral outbreak in WoW. Nothing amazing or new, but a pretty interesting listen anyway. It buffered every minute or so on my work ADSL connection, so not really something for dialup users.

Also, I've just spoken to a boyfriend of a KoL friend who plays WoW (Sixminutes on Elune), and was around for the plague. It went down like this:
In Zul'Gruub there is a mob called Hakkar who casts a debuff called Corrupted Blood, which deals ~200-300 damage every 2 seconds for 3-6 seconds. It is transmissible to nearby allies, but only when you lose the buff. So, either die or time runs out. It was never meant to leave the area, but Blizzard missed some method of leaving, presumably the hearthstone (which lets you teleport back to your home town once every hour). Once in town, it can spread to NPCs, but when the NPCs aren't involved in combat, they regenerate faster than Corrupted Blood deals damage. So, if there are NPCs withing infection range of each other, Corrupted Blood will hang around forever. Any hapless n00b who happens to be within infection range when it times out on the NPCs will be infected, probably die, and then hand the debuff back to the NPC. For safe keeping. Other tricks for transporting the disease (rather than just sentry-warding it) involving two players bouncing it between each other while riding around, or a single player with a hardcore pet, and bouncing it back and forth between them. Apparently staying alive is far from trivial, but also far from impossible for higher levels. This dude I was speaking to has approximately 3000 HP at 60th level. Two of those running around can grief a lot of n00bs.

Well, hope that was enlightening ^_^ It certainly was for me.


Connor spent just about the entirety of last night's game in eagle form. Very handy in terms of mobility and support casting, not so great in terms of actual damage-dealing potential. It will also be exceedingly good in getting-the-fuck-away potential, when it eventually gets there. Into the water and crocodile, here I come! We seem to actually be doing fairly alright so far, although we are rather hemmed in. Seems we were right to conserve our spells for getting out. I think Al is a bit pissed off that we toasted everyone he threw at us in 2 or 3 rounds, tops. Now he's making some big guns to come for us. The rogues are useless when it comes to disarming traps. Their school of trap disarming is more along the lines of set it off, then dodge. Effective, I suppose, unless you're up against sentry traps, that are at least partially designed to warn the trap owners (HINT: we are up against sentry traps).

Waynne has organised dinner and Sin City tonight, which I am looking forward to. Then tomorrow we were supposed to get our Magic box and play, but that looks like it's not gonna happen. Alex has the WoW lan server tho, so we might give that a bash. Tekken/SC was also suggested. Then we're prolly gonna watch Final Fantasy: Advent Children in the evening. sounds like fun!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Poker money

Last night's poker was largely a lot of fun. Only largely, since Yancke was being a bit of an arse about things, like us saying 'Don't put your hand down there, otherwise we don't know if you've folded', followed by him saying 'pffft, it won't be a problem', followed by Alex inadvertently picking up his hand and putting it with the discards while dealing. And then burning cards on top of it in some order, and then Yancke wondering where his hand went. So, in future listen to us, Yancke. It may seem like a little thing to you, but it really isn't all that difficult to comply with and makes for less fuckups later on. It's all about avoiding the shit. And then the insane doubling at the end was very silly, and I was totally lucky to end up winning =) By rights, Chelle should have cleaned up going in, but once I won the initial 3 times to make it even, it was, well, even ;) I like my luck, I am a lucky motherfucker. Good thing I did win in the end, though, since I forgot to draw money for taxi fare this morning. So there I was, sitting in the back of the taxi as it leaves town, reaching for my wallet and thinking 'oh my fucking god...', closely followed by relief =) I'm not particularly keen to stop a taxi and get out, saying I have no money on me, especially from right at the deepest part. I would not have been especially popular.

In cool movie news, it seems that Peter Jackson (along with WETA, the special effects people) will be working on the Halo movie. I'm guessing it will be pretty good =)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Weekly update rollup

It's been awhile since my last post. So, a quick recap of older things first:

I have (obviously) finished moving into Julie's place, and I'm pretty much settled in. A bunch of things (primarily computer randomnesses and my games and cards) are still boxes strewn around the room, but everything else is in cupboards and set up. The bed is still a little wobbly since I only had my leatherman's pliers to put it back together again rather than a proper spanner, and I should probably do something about that before it breaks. It seems sturdy enough tho.

D&D on Thursday was our grand break-in to the castle. We got about halfway through, and haven't actually done anything serious yet.

Friday night a bunch of us went out to Stones in Obs. Pool was fun, but Conrad is a pool demon. Kicked all of us except Al, who managed to pull a black-ball defeat on him the once. Afterwards we played a little foosball on the crappy table there, but decided it was too crappy and went missioning to find another. The One Ring had live bands playing, so no foosball there, and Cool Runnings put all their foosball tables in the dingiest, most unlit areas they can find. No joy. We did stop off at the schwarma place on your wanderings, which actually make very tasty food! The lady overfilled mine like a mad thing, about which I did not complain =) The chips were sadly lacking in awesomeness, and I would advise against them in future.

8:00 was my wakeup time on Saturday, since Claus and Neil were fetching me at 8:30 for a lan in Plumstead. 90% CS:S, sadly. At least it was :S and not 1.6, otherwise I might jusst have left then and there. We did get one game of DotA in, which was thoroughly frustrating thanks to Yancke's overeagerness to waltz in and get raped. Dave was more than happy to oblige. Sick fucks.

I got home at 5am to grab a couple of hours sleep before Waynne came to fetch me for the Ravnica prerelease. It went very well, with an attendance of 86 people. The cool thing about that is that with more people, you get more prizes to hand out. I ended up coming 18th and receiving 1 booster as a prize (and a spot prize of an awesome shiny Skyhunter Legionnaire), and Waynne came 6th and received 5 boosters. Pretty damn awesome all round! That evening I stayed up too late watching TV and chatting with Al, and so was more or less bombed for Monday. *shrug*

Monday evening, Robyn and I went out to Panchos for dinner. Same great food, same crap service! The waiter kept forgetting things, and finally brought the wrong food (beef nachos instead of chicken). Idiot. Catching up and chatting with Robyn was really awesome after such a long time of seriously restricted interaction (I'm really bad at staying in touch in general), and she was really out of the loop in terms of babies, marriages and dissapearances. We sat at the table talking until the waiter politely asked us if we would be okay with him fetching the bill since they were closing. We said that was alright =)

Al and I were intending to get a little 1v1 DotA action on when I got back, but it was a little too late for that. Al yakked about Paintball for a while, and I ended up going to bed too late again =) Not that the convo wasn't interesting, it's just that Al has to get up far later than I do. I think I will in future just say 'tell me tomorrow' ;)