Wednesday, August 31, 2005

If a programmer shits in the woods and nobody is there to see it, can they still call it code?

Monday night I was supposed to just pick up my PC from Yancke and go home. Instead, I ended up staying there and playing more WC3, until 12. Dave happened to phone Yancke as well, and so he joined us for a bit (he used Conrad's monitor so that he wouldn't have to bring his. Having one less large item to lug around makes a difference). Some estate agent chick also came to look at the flat, since it looks like Colleen's dad wants more money that Lucas' dad is willing to pay. Oh well, Lucas and I had better start looking for an interim place to stay then, until Lucas can find some other place that he likes =)

Work yesterday was a bit of a nightmare. I had to untangle this mess that one of the other women on the Revelation team was attempting to pass off as code. I've ended up having to just about totally rewrite the whole thing. *looks at the long list of todo emails sent in the last 2 weeks* And they wonder why I am behind on other tasks.

Yesterday evening I had my interview with Richard over at OpenBox. Turns out I know one additional person there than we all thought, since I know Polly from hockey. Freaky shit. Mad thanks to Chelle for fetching me from Retreat station and taking me home afterwards (bouncy bouncy, rawr, or something). I thought the interview went pretty well, but damn, Richard asks some tricky questions. There was a fair amount of 'Um, let me think about that for a moment... weeellll... *stall*'. He seems like a nice guy tho, and they seems like nice offices.

Roleplaying last night was a bit of a mixed bag. We did get a fair amount of playing in, which was cool, but there were also quite a few distractions and sidetracking, which Alex got a bit frustrated with. And god damn! Once Yancke decides he's gonna talk, nothing will stop him, even if someone else was already talking. And then he bitches about distractions, of course. Oh, and yay for active armour (even if the protection is only slight) and temperature regulation suits ^_^ And yay for being bold enough to try it on. It ended quite late as well, and then I still had to sort out my laundry (since the bedding went in for a wash as well). Hey, I wonder if they wash pillows, and how much they charge for it. Some of mine could really use it, and I don't feel like handwashing them myself.

And now I'm off to do my KoL turns, and then continue unravelling this mess of 'code'. Wish me luck!

Monday, August 29, 2005

A lot of this in my future

Yancke hosted a LAN session yesterday at his place, which was stupidly cramped. We played a lot of Warcraft 3 custom scenarios in the form of DotA, some pirates one, and also a tower-defense one. The directory we got off Waynne when he shipped DotA out to all of us is chock-full of other random maps which we would like to try out at some point. There was also some UT2004 action going on, but that proved to be a bit too stressful while we were playing Onslaught. Eventually we moved on to Invasion, which is always great, and we did pretty damn well on some of the levels. Dave's machine still crashes and burns on Tokara Forest for some reason, which could be a faulty gfx card or some driver issue. I was totally not in the mood for RTS, so we avoided Dawn of War and C&C:Generals (Zero Hour). It was 3am before the last die-hards packed up, but I managed to force-of-will myself out of bed this morning at the appointed time.

Hockey on Saturday (which btw was the reason we lanned on Sunday rather than the less ludicrous Saturday) was a disaster. We went 1-0 up, and then we just lost it. To the tune of 1-6 by the end. Terrible. Hopefully summer-league and indoor (when it eventually starts) will be less of a fuckup. I'm intending on playing indoor seriously, like going for trials and practises and everything, so I should probably start working on my fitness now. Indoor is hardcore. If you're not prepared, you die. So, less junk food and more exercise for me, I think. I wonder if this is enough motivation to coax me into the gym.

Saturday evening I went with Yancke to a friend of his birthday thingy at some place in Obs (under Stones, just by the left hand entrance opposite Armchair). Chilled evening of chatting and drinking, beat the hell out of staying at home and fucking around. Although, Zen Chuzzle is mighty persuasive...

My aunt and uncle (and their two kids) were down from Jozi last week, so I had dinner with the family on Friday. Was very pleasant, and their little girl Christine is totally adorable, and very polite. I was supposed to meet Al, Julie and Colleen at Oblivion afterwards, but by the time I was done they had moved on to Stones. As I was arriving, Julie was a little the worse for wear so Colleen took her home, and Al and I hung around and chatted for a bit, then went through to Gotham to see what was up. Alas, they were closed, and we ended up going to The One Ring to hang around until they closed up. Then we made our slightly-wobbly way home. Al was at the LAN on Sunday, so he obviously made it back okay =)

And after that, I now sit here trying to fix the mistakes my coworker in the states has made. And it is quite terrible, believe me. I might just have to refactor the whole page, but I hope not. Here's hoping...

Friday, August 26, 2005

Lazy lazy Friday

It's Friday, and the boss is on holiday for a week. So not a lot is getting done by anyone, which is fine by me. I'm just lamming, messing around on the net. KoL turns have been done, an okay day, played a bit of POOM! (the flash game that Schpat recommended, not something gross like I'm sure you're all thinking).

For those not in the loop, there is a new Popcap game. Well, not exactly new, since it was originally by a game company called Sprout, but Popcap have taken it over. It's called Feeding Frenzy, and it's quite fun. Nowhere near as addictive as other Popcap games tho.

Er, and yes. It looks like I'll be joining Moonflake, Zenstar and Schpat's game. Paladin is looking very attractive, purely because it fits so perfectly with the song. And Zen, I can always prestige into Black Guard later on >:D Hmmm, discharge.

Speaking of joining, I have an interview at Moonflake's work, which, if I got the job, would bring the friend-&-coworker tally up to 6. Here's looking forward to that =)

In the beginning...

Yay. Now I can post on Schpat's blog