Wednesday, September 06, 2006


My first few days back at work have been very documentation-filled. As was mostly expected, although I have done even less coding than I thought, which was not much to start off with. I’m used to documentation, having done a bunch of it for ISO purposes at a previous company, but the OB format I am still getting used to. Thank goodness Chelle is one of our primary document producers ^_^ I just ask her when I get stuck with something.

Kieran joined our Tuesday Shadowrun game last night. Finally, I get another magic user to talk to! The smelly Troll Adept totally doesn’t count. And complete bonus that she is a young Japanese lady =) Also, Kieran might be just what we need to get some actual roleplaying done, rather than constantly having Yancke going off on a tangent. He promised to stab anyone who went off-track with Chelle’s letter opener. He ended up having to stab himself 3 times, and only threatening anyone else once. That once was also James, the DM. And he still tries to claim it’s not him that’s the disruptive influence.

I hit lvl 52 yesterday, amongst much celebration and spending of gold on talents. In the process, I also managed to farm sufficient [Glowing Scorpid Blood] to get my [Darkmoon Faire Storage Box], finally! While killing the Scorpok Stingers, I also dropped a [Journeyman’s Backpack], another 14-slot container. And when I finally found a rogue to open the lockboxes I had been hoarding, I found ANOTHER! Fantastic! Now all of my bags that I carry around are 14 slots, and one of my 4 bank bags too. The other three are 12 slots. The next bank slot will cost me 50g =/ Not sure if that is worth it juuust yet.

Looking at the other Darkmoon Faire rewards, I see one of the epic Necklaces gives +22 to all healing (amongst a bunch of other fantastic stat upgrades). Now, it takes 1200 tickets (which I estimate at 6000 Scorpoks), I have to be lvl55 to even do the handin for it (so 3 lvls away), and I can only wear it at lvl60. So, is it worth it? Or should I farm for a [Darkmoon Faire Storage Box] for my other characters rather? I think I will start off with farming for the boxes first, since I can do the amulet in 2 months time, when the Faire next comes to Mulgore. 2 months is a long way away tho…

PvP rewards are looking very tasty too. I’ve got the [Scout’s Tabard] and the [Insignia of the Horde] already, next up the cape, then the pauldrons. Sp many things to do, so little time! My guild, Happy Tree Friends, is a PvP guild after all, so I should do my best there. Of course, hitting 60 and doing premades with them would be ideal, so maybe I should just grind. If I get bored of Hippogryphs and Scorpoks for the Faire, there is always Argent Dawn or Timbermaw rep to grind.


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