Sunday, September 03, 2006

zomg 3 in a row!

I am now back from PE, and not too mentally scarred by the double 8 hour car trip with Yancke, or by meeting Yancke's family. However, some things about Yancke make a lot more sense... his entire family is mad! As Lucas said, 'Well it looks like Yancke turned out pretty all right after all, all things considered'. Or something like that, I paraphrase for humorous effect. His mom was actually really cool, I enjoyed chatting to her =) Dad and bro were not terribly chatty, so I didn't get too much of a feel for them.

Colleen's party on the Saturday was a liiitle bit of a mixed bag. The beginning was terrible, with these retarded metalheads heckling and laughing from the sidelines as Lucas, Si and myself danced. It picked up a lot as the night progressed, and soon enough a large portion of the 100-strong crowd were dancing at various points =) Sadly, the metalheads made the floor a couple of times when the other DJ was playing (you guessed it) metal, making the whole experience unpleasant for everyone. Well, whatever, they suck and I probably never have to see them ever again. Which makes me happy. With any luck, they will not want to come back for the next party, since there was very little thrash metal played, despite their constant requests for some 'motherfucking thrash, like Lamb of God'.

There was not much to do during the day with Colleen at work and Yancke supposed
to be writing an essay (but actually playing AI DotA mostly), so I had to entertain myself. I ended up watching a lot of movies, including Hoodwinked (such potential, but crap), Shaun of the Dead (awesome), Sky High (amusing but blatantly Disney), Aeon Flux (pretty, but not good), Cassanova (very funny, I like Heath) and Lord of War (fantastic, and not disturbing at all - this might make me a bad or insensitive person). What can I say, the video store near to Colleen's (very very nice) house in Walmer was having a 2 for 1 special =) I also went to the game arcades in both Greenacres and Walmer malls, and got in some Metal Slug 5 & 6, and clocked House of the Dead III, using about 12 or 13 credits. Half an hour of awesome gameplay for R13? Totally worth it.

So all in all, a pretty awesome trip =) It would have been much better were Colleen on holiday or if I had more friends with me, but I am still very glad I went =D It was very cool chatting to Colleen again after so long of nothing but GChat convos.

However, getting back to my WoW character was pretty fantastic too. However, the realms have been FUCKED on and off since I got back. Not good, they better fucking give us a free day for this shit. What, are Blizz too poor to afford decent hardwire? Or hire people rather than monkies to run the show? Grates my tits.

After a long long DotA hiatus, I finally pitched at a lan on Friday night. The rust on my play took quite a while to abate slightly, but I had a really good time, and so will make a bigger effort in future. At one point, the DotA clanmembers who were there wanted to run a practise team match against the rest of us, 'just a quick game for practise, it won't even count and will be over quickly'. They sucked SOOOOO badly, it was fantastic. We (the n00bs) all played fantastically, and despite them still winning, we made them bleed every step of the way. Not what they were expecting =) Yancke, in his inimitable way, told them that if they played like that at the tournament next weekend, they were FUCKED. We laughed, quietly, on the inside =) Such satisfaction.

Another gaming hiatus was broken today, with Beth and Garrick coming over to play Soul Calibur. That I am thankfully not rusty at =) Or if I am, everyone else is just as rusty. Oo, I am looking forward to the Tekken tournament at schpatcon =) That will 0wn.

Yay! US public holiday tomorrow, which I am taking =) So, WoW until late tonight, sleep tomorrow.


Blogger dystopia said...

hrmmm, i'm not sure if it is better or worse that the metal punks were really laughing at us. i thought it was all in my head, evidently i was wrong. but since we will never see them again, and we don't live in pe (the poor bastards) we don't need to care

the playstation tourament would be muc better if it were scIII, but i suppose we need to make it fair to the others

11:24 PM  
Blogger zenstar said...

you didn't like aeon flux?
man that was a fun movie. pretty pretty pretty and a fun romp through a cool future vision.
but whatever... opinions are like assholes: everyone has at least one and wont to spew it all over the place.

soul calipers 3 is teh roxxor. old man for teh win!
tekken should be fun though :)

12:00 PM  
Blogger zenstar said...


...and is wont to....

12:13 PM  
Blogger dystopia said...

there was much complaining when i suggested that we recreate old man, after we unlocked the glasses. oh well, the random creations were awesome. mosquito girl ftw!

3:19 PM  

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