Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Changes (not like Tupac)

It really is starting to get to summer now. Dubious mornings followed by pretty hot days are forcing me to wear my zipoffs more often than not. Not that I'm complaining, even tho I have always preferred winter to summer.

Work has got me writing documentation again, albeit for a short while and interspersed with coding. It does make for a nice change, and at least this lot is low stress.

Julie left for Jozi this week Monday. The weekend was largely taken up by goodbye events for her, starting with drinks at the Planet bar in the Mount Nelson on Saturday evening. It's a really nice place, albeit rather expensive. A nice occasional outing place for pretending to be civilized. Sunday morning saw me fetching Julie for CT station where she put her car on the train, since Al has done something to his car. He wasn't specific and mumbled a bit, so I'm not sure what, but he was driving it the next day, so who knows. Breakfast at the B&B in Harfield was the reward for the lift. Sunday lunch was at Montebello off Newlands Avenue, which was enjoyable despite the slightly slow service. The burger I had was really good, especially after I scraped off most of the FLAMING hot home-made chutney.

It looks like Al is leaving Cape Town for a while. He's not exactly sure when, but it will probably be sometime this month (edit: actually it seems end of November is more likely). Our Thursday D&D game will be poorer for it (read: non-existent). Also, Lucas might get Greg to take his room... we will have to see how that goes ;) At least that way I won't be missing out on lengthy lectures about The War ^_^

60 is definitely the place to be. There is so much more content available to me now, and so many divers think to do. I was kicked out of my PvP guild (Happy Tree Friends, the one with the pink tabard) at lvl59 cos they were doing a massive cleanup, and now I have joined Disabled, a pretty decent PvE guild. I've run Zul'Gurub twice, and will probably run it again tonight.

I have three pieces of my Feralheart set, which was quite a damn mission to upgrade to from the three Wildheart pieces I bought. I still need to do a couple of instances over and over and over to get what I want for it.


Blogger zenstar said...

and it only took a couple of bumps... i wonder how many it'll take for the next post :)

btw: get buffy season 1 from al before he leaves please.

11:27 AM  
Anonymous dystopia said...

is that the war that had the battlefield? 1942, i think it was

2:53 PM  
Blogger firegolem said...

try DDO, i play on lyrandar. they have 7 day free trial so no excuse not to - and they have good DMs and support

1:42 AM  

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