Monday, December 19, 2005

Hwaorang is teh shit

Schpatcon was pretty damn fun. Starting off with poker was alright, just far too large (especially at a long thin table like that). 5 people really is the optimal table size. I pretty much looked after the Tekken for the whole of Saturday. It was great seeing people like Robyn and Adam again, and I must organise something for my leave with them and the others. The foosball was fun, but I can't help thinking that Patrick pulled organiser's rank to snag Lucas as a teammate, ensuring him a piggybacked win. Seanbob was, sadly, atrocious in defence ;)

For the second Sunday in a row, I went to my parents and had a roast leg of lamb on the Weber, again cooked and prepared by Matthew. Again, it was quite fantastic =) Candice's band practise was cancelled for her until John can organise some piano scores, so I was invited over for... a roast leg of lamb! Hectic. Very tasty as well =) Then I went home and sat on the internet until 2am. Bad!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Three and a half

Moyo was, no surprises, fantastic. The food was brilliant and super-abundant, really tasty. I went in waves, all red meat, then all seafood, then all chicken. Then all dessert obviously =) Can't miss out on that. I skipped the vegetables and starch, since that's just a waste of valuable stomach space. Some of the performers were very good, others were just irritating. It was pretty cool getting to chat to my work colleagues in a far more relaxed (and drunken) environment than we usually do, I got to know a couple of them a lot better. It's a pity that I'm only here for another 3.5 days.

omg! 3.5 days! How fantastic =) Then I'm on holiday for ages. Which is good, since there are 5 friends of mine down from various parts of the world that I would like to get a chance to see and do something with, and December is very busy. It will also give me a good chance to get all my Xmas shopping finished (and started, for that matter).

Last night we playested Schpat's Deadlands module, for Schpatcon this Saturday. It was a lot of fun, but a little unpolished. Hopefully our suggestions will serve to buff it up sufficiently =)

Monday, December 12, 2005


In the end, I did get to see Jim, once semi-properly and the other time in passing. The first (and proper) time was on Friafternoon when Julie opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate the end of her time at Old Mutual, and her imminent departure for frosty London. After that it was through to Chelle's bday thinger at One Ring, catching a ride with Candice on the way (well, with Lesley really, but it amounts to the same thing). She was very tired tho, and only barely made it to seeing Chelle in before she crashed and I walked her home. The rest of the evening was fun but largely uneventful, until 3am found Al, Lucas, Claire and myself at Gotham. Albert walked in with the largest goose-egg I have ever seen on a man's chin, and a nice split in his skin just below lip. His story kept wobbling around, to the point where I'm not actually sure what the story is (or what to believe - it is Albert after all). Anyway, Al took him under his wing to sort him out, which is great cos I was fucking exhausted and just wanted to go home to sleep. Just as I was drifting off, I heard Al come back - with Albert. Fuck that, I thought, and went to sleep (timestamp: 4:30am). When I woke up at 10ish, they were still awake in the lounge, chatting. Albert was a little surprised to see me (he is a little slow, especially after being knocked in the head), and they offered me a whiskey for breakfast. There followed a slightly awkward period of chatting to Al and Albert, after which I went to shower. Oh, and the awkwardness was not particularly helped by Albert's random friend being passed out at the time on the beanbag. I just ignored him. When Al decided to go to sleep, I decided to get the hell out of there and headed off for the SCA Yule event.

The Yule event was a large amount of fun. The combat was not quite as it usually was, with combatants randomly drawing weapons rather than selecting their favourite favourite. This led to some... 'interesting' matchups. Such as the matchups where one fighter gets his Purple Caramel One With The Nut, and the other That Disgusting Orange One That Nobody Wants. If you like the orange one, then you are weird and lose all rights to comment on this blog. The food was great, very tasty and lots of it. The real amusement for the evening, though, was the Gift Game at the end. Tracy (amongst others) kindly donated extra presents to the pot, allowing me to play. Much Thievery Incorporated later, everyone was left clutching a present possessively. We were definitely the disruptive corner, and we ended up laughing a lot. Sometimes too loudly, and we would attract someone who would wander over and snatch something from one of us. Very sad. In the end, I got a fantastic goblet, Candice got the sheepskin-wrapped present she was after (books, so all good) and Lucas got some Sekanjabin. Alison ended up with the mate of the goblet that I had, after a tip-off by the goblet wrappers themselves, Sidrianna. They were very cunningly wrapped, and were not goblet-like in anyway.

Thereafter, Dave and I decided to join Lucas at a going-away party for one of his work colleagues at Oblivion (where we once again saw Jim, as he, Waynne and Jean were leaving for the evening - I swear they should all look into retirement villages, they are in Pinelands already after all). Dave ended up having a protracted and awkward conversation with Richard. It was painful to watch. I did meet Nikki and Cailey tho, who seemed quite nice (despite Richard's constant warnings about them).

Sunday was handyman day, filled with chipping polyfilla off from the cornicing and then replacing it with fresh. Not especially productive, but Lucas' place is that small bit closer to inhabitable. I was fetched that afternoon to go off for a leg of lamb at my parents, in honour of my little brother's 15th birthday. He did the lamb himself, and it was damn fine. At about 9pm I headed back home, just in time to catch Episode 3 with Candice, Lesley and Al. Shame, Candice was just about asleep when I got there, and things didn't improve as the movie progressed.

Now I sit here in an almost empty office. Most other people have gone home to get ready for the Synergy Xmas dinner at Moyo tonight. Sadly, the 2h30 between finishing and leaving for Moyo are insufficient for me to get anywhere approaching home and back. I just brought some pants in my bag. Close enough. I am very excited, since I have never been and I've heard that it is fucking fantastic. And buffet, so I had a small breakfast and no lunch. I shall tell you all about it tomorrow ^_^ Yum!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Leisure hours

After taking a very fucking long time to get back to me, the CEO of the company I work for (he's in the US) finally emails me saying that my last day at Synergy will be the 20th December. The rest of December will be taken out of my leave, but I will still have a few days owing, which will be paid out. This is excellent news, for not only will I have a crazy amount of holiday time over the Xmas period, I will also not actually lose out on too much cash, if you take into account that there are public holidays along the way, and OpenBox is a pay rise anyway. Rock on =) This is great, since there are so many people coming down to Cape Town over the festive season, now I'll actually get a chance to see them and do stuff. I might go get my bike learners as well, if the Traffic Dept are open at all.

Obsfest was last weekend, and it was crazy. It's the fullest I've seen Obs ever (including previous Obsfests), and there were more stalls than there have been too. We met up with a couple of people there and sort of wandered around, then went through to Gotham for the end of the evening. Nothing amazing, but fun nonetheless.

Last night, Waynne's roleplaying group had a dinner event in honour of Jim, since he is down for a week for week. It turns out that (according to Jean) I was supposed to be invited, but I just... kinda wasn't. I hope Jim can make Chelle's bday event on Friday, since my weekend is totally booked (mostly with helping Lucas paint the new place) and otherwise I just won't get to see him =/

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The shark tank

I got the job at OpenBox =) Many months have passed since my interviews with Richard, and I was very skeptical about the promises of 'getting back to me' at some point 'when there was a better fit'. I got a phone call, and coffee was arranged at Cavendish last night, and we sat and chatted a bit. It all obviously went down quite well, since I have an offer letter in my inbox this morning, which I will be signing and giving to Chelle tonight to ferry along. My current boss was very understanding and very congratulatory, so that's pretty cool, although my US boss has not yet found out. He'll prolly be less understanding, but he's the one I don't like, so whatever. Very exciting, although I'm sure it will be a lot of stress as well.

So, see you guys on the 16th ^_^