Monday, January 30, 2006

It's a small world after all

I ran into a friend of mine from a while back at Cavendish last weekend, and this weekend we hung out for most of Saturday. She came back to my place to pick up some movie CDs, and it turns out that her boyfriend is an ex-flatmate of Alastair's. Weird stuff, Cape Town is a very small place. I like when I can bring random friends of mine home, and all my housemates can talk to her about people they both know ^_^

Friday night was Lucas' semi-abortive attempt at organising a work outing to Obs. The only work people who joined us turned out to be CLAWmembers as well, so it might just as well have been a CLAW outing.

On Sunday Alastair and I went out to the new Woolworths on Durban road (near the Red Cross) to grab some lunch. On the way out, we popped into the video store there (a Vee's), and they had... Soul Calibur 3 ^_^ We couldn't not rent it, so rent it we did =) We then went straightaway to fetch Candice so she could join in the crazed SC3 playing. A very enjoyable game, and Al seems keen to buy them. Everything looks fantastic, especially the arenas. Abyss' level has a massive comet streaming past in the background, it looks like something out of a movie. Beautiful!

Tonight I think I will catch up on my Dark Chronicle playing, since I haven't played in a while. Also, I must finish up reading Naruto and Abhorsen. Yay ^_^

Monday, January 23, 2006

Ha ha bonk

After an unexpectedly long break in my internet access, I am finally back and blogging. I've been at Openbox for just over a week now, and it is fantastic but far busier than Synergy. Finding the time to blog, forum, game and read webcomics has become a lot harder, especially with me generally being so busy in the evenings. I was originally intending on staying pretty late every day to get my fixxxxx, but instead I have been arriving at work later. Such are the joys and perils of flexitime. Hopefully we will get a wireless net connection at home in the near future.

In gaming news, I have been playing a hell of a lot of Dark Chronicle on the playstation. I've racked up 35 hours of play time on Al's memory card so far, and this unnerves me. I have thus purchased my very own card, to ensure my peace of mind (and so that I can play elsewhere if I so desire, or Al does something inconsiderate like removing his PS). This also means that I can play the Soul Calibur 2 single player missions myself, from the beginning. I don't really see myself gaming on the PC anytime soon.

Ada's party was on Friday night, and a generally fun time seemed to have been had by all. Candice was dead tired and so went home earlyish (but was totally lounging on me up until that point, so that was alright ^_^). Afterwards, Al decided that it was time to edumacate Lucas, Claire and myself about the 'joys' of whiskey. Of course, he fed us a shot of tequila and three (in my case) or 4 (for everyone else) shots of Vodka to get us to agree. I did learn a fair amount about whiskey. Sadly, I still feel that it tastes disgusting.

Saturday started off as an errands day, but those were soon done and it morphed into a visit-Candice-at-work day, followed by a further morph into a play-Dark-Chronicle-all-day day.

Candice is collecting the Naruto manga at the moment (4/26, or so she found out the other day) and is finding it hilariously funny. When I discovered that Neil had 161 episodes of the anime, I of course picked them all up from him. Sunday was the day we discovered just how truly hilarious it is. I bent the legs on Lucas' stool while falling off it laughing. Yes, it's funny, trust me. The storyline is about Naruto, a 13 year old ninja in training with a mission to be the best ninja ever in Leaf Village. It follows his adventures with his team, Sasuke and Sakura, two fellow Genins, and Kakashi, a Jounin and their teacher. If you like comedy, then come speak to me about acquiring Naruto.

After all the Naruto watching, Al, Candice and I went out to dinner at Borusso's in Kenilworth (I only found out today that there is one in Claremont as well). It really was very good, and thanks to Al for that ^_^ Then we went back home and watched more Naruto.