Wednesday, March 15, 2006


This last week has been crazily DotA filled. I think I've played close on 15 games, an average of 2 per day. Crazy shit! I am getting to learn the recipes and builds a lot better tho, and I'm also teaching Al and Claire how to play. Well, last night Lucas was tutoring her, and it was proving to be a slightly frustrating experience ;) We pulled through in the end tho, so all good. Perhaps we should start upgrading the AI to Insane (we've been playing on Normal). I am really enjoying Shadelzare Silkwood, the Vengeful Spirit. Nether Swap + Magic Missile is fantastic ^_^

The car is still all good, if a little expensive. Really, nothing is gonna compare to an R128 monthly train ticket, but the convenience is totally worth it.

Colleen's coming down this weekend, which should be cool =) It'll be good to see her again ^_^

And that's it for the post. Nothing else interesting has been happening.


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